Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name HORIKO CO.,LTD.
Established September 14, 2002
Capital 25 million (As of June 2012)
End of Fiscal Year August
Bank References The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Musashikosugi Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, Musashinakahara Branch
Bank of Yokohama, Mionokuchi Branch
Kanagawa Bank, nakahara Branch
kawasaki Credit Bank, Musashinakahara Branch
Excecutive Officers President & CEO Hiroyuki Horibe
Head Office Mizonokuchi Daiichi Seimei Building 2F,
3-3-2 Hisamoto,Takatsu-ku,Kawasaki-shi,Kanagawa
TEL. +81-44-829-0091
FAX. +81-44-829-0092
Main Handling Solutions/Products – Adhensive tape, sheets
– Labeling and packaging materials
– The lens for optical apparatus, the lens for glasses
– Construction materials
– Safety-measures products

Brief history

Sept. 2002
 Established HORIKO industry (Capital of 3 million yen)
Oct. 2003
 Capital increase (Capital of 8 million yen
Jun. 2004
 Capital increase (Capital of 10 million yen
 Company organization change HORIKO CO.,LTD.
Apr. 2005
 Established Internet shopping site [ I MATERIAL HORIKO ]
oct. 2005
 Capital increase (Capital of 15 million yen
Sept. 2008
 Non slip products [Multi Grip Series] Sales start
Jan. 2009
 Capital increase (Capital of 25 million yen
Jan. 2011
 Original adhensive tape, Sales start
Mar. 2011
 Established Kawasaki distribution center
Jan. 2012
 Established Yamaguchi distribution center
Aug. 2012
 ’Youjoubanchou series’, Sales start
Aug. 2012
 Established Saitama distribution center
Jun. 2013
 Established Kansai distribution center
Mar. 2014
 JAPAN national cloth tape, Sales start
Nov. 2014
 Established Sendai branch

Message from the CEO

We at HORIKO, are the teams of proffesionals of adhesion products.
About adhesion product, materials-for-packing, machine, and pressure-sensitive-tape – and others,
a customer’s voice is changed into a product and offered.
In order to provide innovative solutions, we strives every day HORIKO will surely be a good business partner.